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BRYNJE is the ultimate safety footwear for hardworking men and women. Plenty of robust, functional and smart details will guarantee that these shoes stand out at the workplace. There is something for every industry and every need – from the smart and sporty models developed for construction, craftsmanship and light industry, to the extra sturdy models developed for heavy industry. But the same things apply to all of them: Quality, durability and safety!

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/ 100-SERIES

Lightweight and flexible safety clogs with good arch support and comfort

/ 200-SERIES

Safety shoes with a wide fit in a simple and functional design

/ 300-SERIES

Flexible, lightweight and durable safety footwear. ESD-approved and PVC-free.
Read more about the BRYNJE 300 series

/ 400-SERIES

Extra durable and flexible safety footwear with a wide fit and features such as heat resistant outsole or waterproof membrane
Read more about the BRYNJE 400 series

/ 500-SERIES

Lightweight and flexible safety shoes in a sporty design

/ 600-SERIES

Lightweight and durable safety footwear with lots of stylish details
Read more about the BRYNJE 600 series

/ 1000-SERIES

Lightweight, comfortable and durable PU boot

What do you give the shoe that has everything?


Sika Footwear’s accessories program contributes to an even more comfortable working day for the user – for example, with shock absorbing inlay soles and sweat absorbing socks. In addition, we offer various laces and care products to help keep footwear in top condition for a long time.

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Get your feet scanned and find exactly the right inlay sole

  • check Reduces soreness in feet, legs and back
  • check Provides all-day support, comfort and fit


BRYNJE SPEED SCAN® is a lightning-fast and precise foot scanner that in just 15 seconds registers your foot size, arch type and weight distribution. It’s so easy to use that you can do your own measurement and choose one of the 3 ULTIMATE FOOTFIT arch supporting inlay soles that best fit your feet.

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