Good advice on care and maintenance of work footwear

See below for Sika Footwear’s guidelines for the care and maintenance of work footwear. 

Footwear made of smooth leather

  • check Always waterproof the footwear before use, and then at regular intervals
  • check Care for your shoes as needed and in this order:
    1) Clean
    2) Polish
    3) Waterproff
  • check Rub leather polish or leather conditioner into the leather and into the seams when you polish
  • check Leather polish cleans and nourishes smooth leather. Does not dry/harden as quickly as leather conditioner. Must be polished afterwards
  • check Leather conditioner cleans and nourishes smooth leather. Dries/hardens faster than leather polish. Must not be polished afterwards
  • check Leather conditioner, leather polish and waterproofing spray without silicone are also suitable for footwear with a membrane

Footwear made of Permair® leather, PU or PVC

  • check Use a soft brush/cloth and a little lukewarm water to clean the footwear after use. If necessary add a small amount of mild soap
  • check Wipe off soap residue with a damp cloth

Boots made of rubber

  • check Wash the boots after use with lukewarm water, a soft sponge and a mild soap solution.
    The soap should preferably contain glycerine, which helps to keep the boots supple
  • check The boots can be lubricated with a silicone sponge for rubber to maintain the suppleness


  • close Never dry wet footwear on the radiator or other heat source
  • check NB: If footwear is badly or incorrectly cared for, complaints will be rejected