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Choose the right safety clogs

At Sika Footwear you will find safety clogs for a range of users and needs in construction, craftsmanship, industry, transport and warehousing as well as agriculture. The range offers everything from the classic safety clogs with wood veneer footbeds to super flexible, lightweight quality clogs that offer excellent comfort.

Safety clogs are characterised by having, at minimum, a toe cap and/or protective midsole.

When you choose safety clogs, you should always pay special attention to the fact that they must be suitable for you and your work. For example, if your work involves kneeling, then it is important that you choose durable clogs with ProNose (extra toe reinforcement). And if you work in the electronics industry, you may be required by your employer to wear ESD approved safety clogs.

Here you get an overview of the range of safety clogs from the BRYNJE and SIKA brands:

BRYNJE’s series and range of safety clogs

100/ Flexible and lightweight safety clogs with good arch support and comfort

SIKA’s series and range of safety clogs

PROFLEX / Safety clogs with perfect fit
SUPER CLOG / Sturdy clog with extra durability and comfort
FLEX LIGHT / Flexible, comfortable and ESD approved clogs
FLEX LBS / Safety clogs with soft leather footbed
COMFORT / Safety clog with wood veneer footbed
FUSION CLOG ESD / ESD approved clogs with good slip resistance and optimum comfort