Comfort & Safety at new heights

Comfort and safety are crucial if you want your employees to deliver their very best all day long. With the latest technologies in shock absorption, fit and slip resistant soles, SIKA Cloud is the lightweight choice when you need certified safety in the medical industry.


The structure of the shoe



Certified safety

SIKA Cloud has been created by our experienced product developers with the aim of providing food and medical industry personnel with maximum comfort. Cloud is certified according to the latest European standards, EN ISO 20345:2022, which makes it your safe choice when thinking about workplace safety.

SIKA Aerosol™ Foam

Experience a new standard of comfort. The brand new midsole is made from a material called aerosol foam. The foam is very lightweight and airy, while also featuring great shock absorbing properties. During the production of the midsole, air is injected into the foam before it takes final shape. We call this technology SIKA Aerosol™ Foam. A sole made using this technology makes your shoe so lightweight, airy and shock absorbing that it feels like you’re walking on clouds. 

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