Fast on. Fast off. Fast forward.

Why choose BOA®

With BOA®, wet, dirty and frozen shoelaces are a thing of the past.

Fast on

Slide the BOA® dial into place and turn until you achieve a snug fit. There is no need to adjust the BOA® closure during the day.

Fast off

Lift the BOA® dial and the laces loosen immediately.

Perfect fit

When the BOA® closure is rotated into place, support will be distributed around the foot, so you avoid creating pressure on individual areas.

BOA® for many industries

Whether you work in construction and craftsmanship, light industry or transportation and warehousing, there is a BOA® style for you

Free repairs for your BOA® closure

Should the BOA® closure on your shoes stop functioning, we’ve got you covered.

The company that created BOA® stands behind its product 100% and guarantees the BOA® cable and reel system for the full lifetime of the shoe. If the system stops functioning, we will provide you with a spare part package free of charge. Contact the retailer where the shoe was purchased and they will ensure that you receive a spare part package.

If you need to replace a BOA® closure in a safety shoe, please see the overview below to find an instructional video on how to do this. Find the safety shoe and click to see the instructional video.

 BOA® system
    L4      L6      M4    
657 / STORMcloseclosecheckGo to instructional video (M4)
649 / DRIZZLEclosecheckcloseGo to instructional video (L6)
629 / FAT BOYcheckclosecloseGo to instructional video (L4)
416 / LIGHTNINGclosecheckcloseGo to instructional video (L6)
332 / FADING BLUEcheckclosecloseGo to instructional video (L4)


Get help replacing the BOA® system L4 / L5 for:

check 332 / FADING BLUE
check 629 / FATBOY

file_download Download instructions as PDF (L4/L5)

Get help replacing the BOA® system L6 for:

check 416 / LIGHTNING
check 649 / DRIZZLE

file_download Download instructions as PDF (L6)

Get help replacing the BOA® system M4 for:

check 657 / STORM​

file_download Download instructions as PDF (M4)